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What is SEO?

SEO is the ongoing process of ensuring Google (and other search engines) sees your website as better than your competitors. How Google assesses one website as better than another is determined by a highly complex, ever evolving, secret algorithm which aims to show people the very best, most relevant websites possible. Once you’re appearing in the search results, the aim of SEO is to have more people clicking on your website and then converting into business (or a business enquiry).

There are hundreds of factors that go into a successful SEO strategy, and every website and business is different. At its most basic, SEO helps to identify what your target market is searching for and what problems they need help solving. This is where your business comes in (with our help). We help your business solve these problems through your website by providing highly relevant content like helpful info, buying guides, product reviews, FAQ’s and infographics – all optimised for the user.

Another important piece of the puzzle is ensuring your authority in your chosen industry is recognised online. This means attaining links from reputable resources (kind of an online version of an in-person recommendation) and ensuring all references to your business are full and correct (name, address, phone number and website when possible).

Because of the complexity of SEO, we like to work with our clients in a partnership rather than a typical client-agency relationship. This is where we see the best result for our clients’ businesses.


eCommerce SEO is an entirely different beast from SEO on informational or lead-generation websites. Luckily, this is what we specialise in.

Our focus for eCommerce SEO is always based on making it as easy as possible for the target market to achieve their goals on the website (usually to buy something). This means providing them with useful content, ensuring the site is easy to navigate and that it ticks all of the technical boxes (fast, secure, full markup etc). The most common CMS’ we work with for our Brisbane SEO ecommerce clients are WordPress, Magento, Neto and now Kentico. That being said, our technical skills mean that we are able to work with heaps of other systems too.

Mobile usability is now core to ecommerce success (as we’ve been saying for a while now). For many businesses, mobile traffic is approaching or has passed parity with desktop traffic. Whilst these different types of users often seem to have different intent (information gathering vs. purchasing), it’s important you capture their attention in the first instance if you ever want to see them (and their money) ever again. Mobile optimisation is, of course, included for all of our SEO clients.

Local SEO

Nationally targeted SEO is all well and good but what if you only want to speak to customers who live in a certain location? Well, we offer that too. Local SEO great way to market local businesses who specialise in services to a specific area (such as plumbing and electrical work). It’s also great for those who run smaller online businesses who deliver products with an early expiry date or fragile goods like flowers and food hampers.

By integrating popular and locally searched keywords plus a targeted online ‘citation’ strategy, we help our clients get the most out of their website. By taking a narrower approach (rather than trying to get the whole of Australia to see our plumber based in North Brisbane), we’re able to give our clients greater visibility among the people that matter most – their potential customers.

Link building strategies

The term ‘link building’ has a bad name – and rightfully so. For years, unscrupulous Brisbane SEO companies have created thousands of spammy, low-quality links to their websites to try and artificially and quickly boost their rankings. Thankfully, this is (slowly) coming to an end.

Whilst ensuring others are linking to our clients’ websites is still a core part of the strategy, the way we go about getting these links has changed. The focus is now (as it always should have been) on ensuring that these linking website are high quality, useful and above all relevant to our client’s target market/business.

We like to equate links to recommendations from people in the ‘real world’ (not online). A recommendation for your business from an industry leader (that isn’t paid for) is worth so much more to your business than 1000 recommendations from people completely unrelated to your industry who barely know your product. The value of a link follows the same logic. This is why we don’t waste our time with those 1000 unrelated websites – just the one that gets you a real return.

Custom reporting

If you’re investing a lot of time and money into SEO and implementing great strategies, you want to see results. So do we, which is why we love to use reporting tools such as Google Analytics to keep track of your website as it grows.

Google Analytics is a powerful data gathering program which lets us view a huge array of information from our client’s website. The most relevant data for SEO is outlined in our custom built monthly reports which can be completely customised to suit your needs. For example, if you’re more interested in local views we can create a report based solely on your desired location, or if you want to decrease the timeframe from monthly to weekly, we can do that too. Just ask our skilled Brisbane team!

Content strategies

The Brisbane SEO team here at Alpha Digital specialise in tailoring our content marketing to suit you and your business, offering truly unique strategies to target your specific market. By targeting our campaigns towards popular searches, keywords and locations we can implement data-driven strategies to create results. Using this approach has helped us to not only encourage more visitors on our clients’ websites but win the right visitors who are more likely to lead to a purchase or enquiry.



"What is SEO?" we hear you ask. We've put together a list of a few of the questions we often get asked about our SEO service. Have a read through to get some quick answers to those burning questions!


What is SEO?
SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is a combination of on-page and off-page techniques that make a website more favourable to search engines. We want to not only increase search engine rankings, but also the quantity and quality of traffic.
How does SEO work?
SEO works through two factors — onsite and offsite — to get your web page crawled by search engines and shown on search engine result pages (SERPs). Onsite factors are based on your content and website structure and can be improved by optimising the content on your website to include keywords that users are searching for. Offsite factors relate to how your website is referred to from other online sources through the development of good digital relationships and building high-quality inbound links.
Does SEO work?
Yes - SEO absolutely does work! It has been proven time and time again by industry players such as Moz, Search Engine Land, and Matt Cutts. By implementing current practices to the highest standard for search engines, SEO can be very beneficial to search engine rankings, traffic numbers, and, ultimately, conversions.
How long does SEO take?
There are a lot of variables that play into how quickly you will see results after implementing SEO. Most websites, however, tend to see results in 4-6 months. It is important to remember that while this is generally the minimum amount of time needed before seeing the affects of SEO, results will continue to compound and grow over time.
How much does SEO cost?
The cost of SEO varies greatly per agency, location, and other services on offer. Most agencies follow a range of payment models such as monthly retainers, contract services at fixed prices, project-based pricing, and hourly consulting. With all business contracts, you need to be aware of what you're paying for and you should be wary if an agency is providing you guarantees, instant results, #1 spot on Google, or costs lower than $750/month. If they are, you are probably not entering into an ethically-sound deal.
What is local SEO?
Local SEO is focused on providing results that are relevant to a searcher based on their current location, and is a very targeted online marketing approach for this reason. Local SEO gathers local business information from directories such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google My Business and Bing Places and better positions your business on search engines and other digital marketing platforms so you’re more likely seen by potential customers.
What are keywords?
Terms or phrases that people search for in search engine sites to try and find a website. It is important to include keywords that people are searching for in your site content as they can help visitors, potential customers and search engines understand the purpose of your page.
What is metadata?
Data that provides information about other data. Meta data is typically a resource for discovery and identification and can include elements such as titles, descriptions and keywords. Meta titles and descriptions are important for SEO as they help with discoverability in search engines and provide users with quick information on what the site is about before they visit it.
What is organic traffic?
Traffic refers to all users accessing your site, no matter who they might be. Organic traffic refers to any non-paid traffic that comes to your site. This traffic is all achieved organically through search engine results, social media sites, referral traffic from other websites and direct traffic, rather than through a source of advertising or paid promotion of some kind.
Why is my website not showing up in Google?
Your website may not be showing up in search results for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: your website has not been indexed yet, the keywords you are using are highly competitive, you are not implementing relevant content to your website, you don't have content on your home page, you could have been penalised, or you have not optimised your website to help boost its page rankings.

Our Happy Clients

We’re pretty proud of the businesses we’re lucky enough to call ‘our happy clients’. This is what they think of the work we’ve done for them.


  • Pillow Talk
  • Wild Earth
  • Rose Training
  • I Feel Good

Matt and the team at Alpha Digital have looked after our SEO since early 2014 and the results they have driven and the advice they have provided has been integral to our overall digital strategy. They are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and professional and we very much see them as a valuable extension of our ecommerce team. They come highly recommended.

We have been working with Alpha Digital for in excess of 12 months. In that time the performance of SEO in our ecommerce channel has gone from strength to strength. Everything has improved exponentially. Page 1 listings for Keywords are up, Visitation has increased, bounce rate is down, conversion rate has improved, and most importantly, revenue has increased. We recommend Alpha Digital.

Wow! I highly recommend the Alpha Digital team. They are fun to work with and produced a great website for us without hassle. They regularly called me to update me on the project and enhanced my ideas to create something that not only looks great but will convert our visitors into enquiries. I can't recommend them enough.

… the team at Alpha Digital have proven to be invaluable to our marketing department at ifeelgood. They provide up-to- date expertise when supporting/managing our digital strategy. ifeelgood recommends Alpha Digital.



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