Video & YouTube Advertising

Reach and engage your target audience

Youtube is a go-to destination for advice, information, and entertainment. Covering countless interest areas, from mainstream to niche, it provides boundless opportunities for targeted advertising.

Entertain and Communicate

It’s no secret that short, engaging online videos have become the media of choice. Just take a look at the stats – Youtube is the second largest search network!

With the power to communicate information quickly and connect with key emotional drivers, video is a captivating form of advertising.

Not only that, it’s a tool for collecting first-party data which can be used to inform all of your future campaigns.

Build Your Brand Profile Through Video

  • Our Australian video advertising team has access to a massive inventory of video spots across Youtube, 9now, Plus7, Tenplay, and the Google Display Network
  • Reach your target audience in high volumes across Australia and internationally
  • Maximise your visibility in an engaging environment where people are paying attention

Experience the Alpha Digital Difference

  • We test and optimise every video campaign
  • You’ll discover which target audience drives the best results
  • Our campaigns are always tailored to your business goals
  • Reach new and improved audiences based on intents and interests
  • Drive awareness, consideration, and action with our targeted ads

Featured Clients

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