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June 30, 2015
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October 21, 2015

Usability is King

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Our values are at the core of our business and drive us every day. We love working with clients and partners with similar philosophies!

At Alpha Digital, data analysis is ingrained in everything we do. User behaviour analysis tools like heat map and scroll map analysis are great to help improve user experience on a website and make sure your traffic converts well.

One of our latest projects with the iconic Judith Wright Centre’s website homepage has brought amazing results, and we were pretty excited to see that a few targeted design changes made a world of difference. Sharing is caring, so we thought we would pass on this knowledge to the world!

Old version of the homepage – Usability issues

  • With 11 different items in the top level menu, users seemed to be confused and only clicked on two of these (What’s on and Contact Us) – we recommended reduce the number of items in the menu to make navigation easier.
  • There were also too many calls to action (Buy Now, Plan a Visit buttons) on the page, attracting users’ attention. We recommended to focus on the “Buy Now” and “Newsletter Subscription” buttons.
  • With more than half of the visitors not scrolling down the page, we needed to make sure that all important elements were displayed on the top of the page.


New and improved homepage – a better user experience

The recommended design changes proved to have a positive impact on the user experience.

  • Scrolling: 100% of users are scrolling below the fold and seeing the “What’s on” section (displaying the current shows)
  • Bounce rate improved by 3 points, dropping from 59% to 56%
  • Users are spending more time on the page (average session duration increased by 10 seconds) and appear to be less confused


Conversion volumes went up:

  • The number of transactions increased by 27%
  • The average order value improved by 11%
  • The overall e-commerce revenue increased by 41%



This case is a perfect example of how successful a conversion rate optimisation analysis can be, in conjunction with a long term SEO strategy. SEO will bring increasing and relevant traffic to the website, conversion rate optimisation will make sure this traffic converts well.

To find out how Alpha Digital can help improving conversion rate and enhancing user experience on your website, contact us today!