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Things we Slacked this Week #29
November 15, 2017
Amazon SEO examples
Amazon Launches in Australia [Updated 05.12.17]
November 23, 2017

Things we Slacked this Week #30

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Our values are at the core of our business and drive us every day. We love working with clients and partners with similar philosophies!

1. Account Manager Kim, attended the WomenWill conference in Melbourne this week

“I feel so fortunate that I got to fly to Melbourne for #leadaunz on behalf of my agency. I met so many lovely and inspiring women during my time and feel as through I have come back to work a better person”

2. This 404 page


3. This article about star ratings on Google

“A study found that including star ratings in the search results increased click-through-rate by 35% on average” – Link to article 

4. This great TEDtalk about body language

 “Empower yourself”


5. This article about Amazon’s ranking factors

Link to article

6. Gif of the week