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May 2, 2012
Social Media in Australia 2012 [Infographic]
June 10, 2012

Social Media & Real Estate

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Social Media is being used by everyone these days, from big global brands like Coca-Cola to small family businesses.

Now some people are using Social Media to help them sell their homes. Traditional marketing was a sign on the property, photo in the agents window, letterbox drops and an ad in the newspaper. Then the internet and RealEstate.com.au and Domain.com.au came along. This year, for the first time a Melbourne property was marketed by the owner via a blog. The owner blogged about the garden, the outdoor entertaining area, the local club, the backyard shed, the birds – everything. Potential buyers were kept updated via Twitter.Northcote

The house sold for over $135,000 above reserve at $1,055,000 and the successful bidder stated that he and his wife were looking through the blog the night before the auction. The agent said they got more interest in the property than any other they had listed. The novelty and success of the marketing strategy became a big news story featured on Today Tonight.Today-Tonight

Alpha Digital was recently engaged to market an architecturally designed beach house in Yeppoon via social media. This is what we did…

The first step was to design an attractive, functional and easy to use website with a blog.Website

The second step was to setup all of the Social Media campaigns on the different platforms:









And finally a YouTube Video


The website was linked with the selling agents to make sure any potential buyers were directing their enquiries to the agents not the owners. Buyers and owners are discouraged from direct communication as it can interfere with negotiations but the website blog facilitates indirect communication. Blog articles, like the one below, describe what it is like to live at the property in an intimate way the agent cannot do.Blog-Article


The blog articles are posted on Facebook and the other social media platform so that followers are automatically notified.

Social Media Marketing could become a permanent part of the future of Real Estate advertising.