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January 4, 2012
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January 30, 2012

SEO Trends in 2012

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What’s new? What’s obsolete? What’s coming soon?

Norwegian SEO Expert Geir Ellefsen recently interviewed 18 other respected SEO gurus on their recommendations for 2012.  See below for the summary.

SEO staples like keyword research, targeting, link building and site accessibility are still important but if you’re not incorporating Social Media Marketing, content marketing, branding and conversion rate optimization you’ll be losing out to someone who does.

Make your content shareable – again Social Media Marketing will be a big (and growing) part of SEO.

Google’s algorithms show a bias towards brands, so build your brand and make sure it is shareable! Sharing with Google +1’s and Facebook likes will be very important in 2012.

Slow and steady link building is better than too many links too quickly.

User engagement measured by search history is more a factor now than ever before and reiterates the importance of building a brand.  SEO and Social Media are merging as one.

Mark up videos with rich snippets!

Some things no longer carry the same weight as they used to like directory submissions, article marketing, keyword density and nofollow external links. Also infographics have been used to death and unless they’re quality should be avoided.

Overall, search engines are getting better at measuring how useful and popular a website is. Their algorithms are getting smarter.  This means web designers should now start focusing on building and optimising sites that are user friendly and popular with people and not building and optimising sites for search engines.