The importance of regular SEO Audits
September 29, 2011
SEO and Google
November 2, 2011

SEO continues to grow

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SEO Continues to GrowThe book “Marketing in the age of Google” written by former Google employee Vanessa Fox has some interesting stats I’d like to share about the importance of SEO and the growing need for quality Search Engine Optimisation strategies.

  • There are 29 million searches on Google every minute (up 49% since 2009)
  • 85% of search clicks go to organic links (not paid AdWords campaigns)
  • 100% of searchers see the top organic result compared to 50% of the top AdWords Result.
  • 50% see the 7th organic listing but only 10% see the 7th paid result.

Overall ‘Search’ is changing.  Paid search traffic is decreasing while organic is up.  This is because people are searching with longer queries and becoming blind to ads.  Organic results equals trust.  However it should be noted that the click through rate (CTR) increases if both paid & organic links appear.