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May 18, 2011
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Summary: As a leading SEO Brisbane company, we are often asked what are the best methods for credibly getting our content ranked high in search engines. Here, we share a SEO tip by using the new tool that Google recently announced, which associates certain content on a website with an author. This can help SEO as authors can tag content that they have written (for example in a seo blog article).  These tags send a signal to Google that the author’s content is regularly of a high standard and this can influence your search engine (SEO) ranking even before you have links to that content.

The new tool is called authorship (see the article on Google) and it involves indicating to Google who has written some content on the web. Google state that there is:

  • A content page – Associates content with an author: for example, news articles, SEO blogs, stories etc
  • An author page – which is a page describing a particular author. For instance, a blog site might profile an author page for each contributor. It is important to note that Google says that “the author page should be on the same domain as the content page”.

In order to identify the author of an article or page, you need to include a link to an author page on your domain and add rel="author" to that link. Here is an example:

Written by <a rel="author" href="../authors/yourname">Your Name</a>.


By adding this tag, it tells Google that the person being linked to is the author of that page. While the author page should reside on the same domain, Google state that it doesn’t matter if the domain or subdomain varies (e.g. vs They have advanced algorithms for working this out.

So how will this help your search engine rankings using SEO?

Many articles are written by SEO companies to spam search engines with keyword heavy content. By introducing the author tag, an author of relevant content will be associated with high quality content and it seems will be given higher rankings in search engines. Hopefully this will start to reduce search engine spamming by SEO companies.

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