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June 14, 2011

Search engine optimisation: SEO Brisbane

Alpha Digital
Our values are at the core of our business and drive us every day. We love working with clients and partners with similar philosophies!

Alpha Digital is a leading performance based SEO and online marketing company. Located in Brisbane, we provide Australian companies with successful strategies enabling your company to prosper in the highly competitive online world. We listen to your needs to drive SEO solutions that generate more business and ensure you receive a positive return on your online marketing investment (ROI).

Why search engine optimisation?

SEO involves creating well constructed and useful content for visitors to your site.  Search engines then examine this content and position your website above your competitors, if they deem the content more relevant.  Optimisation of your site means examining the keywords that drive customers to your website and ensuring these are optimised on your site. We also look at minimising your site’s load time, ensuring you have valid code and SEO friendly site architecture to increase your site’s rank in major search engines like Google. Finally, well authored blog posts, press releases, articles along with social media campaigns using facebook, twitter and youtube build social engagement.  Well managed social media marketing campaigns and link building are search engine optimisation methods enabling your site to rank higher in major search engines, leading ultimately to greater web traffic to your site.  Our analytics and reports help you optimise your search engine campaigns to ensure the best results over time.

Why choose Alpha Digital as an SEO Company ?

Alpha Digital are a professional internet marketing firm with many years of industry experience.  Our founders have experiences in the web industry with major internet companies and leading clients, dating back to the mid 1990s. With over 15 years of experience in the internet industry we know how to stay up to date with the latest search engine trends, local SEO methods and social media campaigns. Want to get your business on the first page of Google? We can help…

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