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SEO Blogs – How to write great content

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A major factor in Search Engine Optimisation is creating fresh, informative, useful and popular content on your Blog.

If you have followers who find your content interesting and share with their friends and followers then you are providing something useful and Google will reward you by lifting you higher up the ranks.

In fact, there are rumors that soon the Google algorithm will update to penalise sites that try to please the algorithm too much. Confused? Basically, you could be penalised for over-optimisation. Too many links, too much ‘scientific’ SEO could result in a lower ranking.

Google’s SEO expert and head of webspam wants you to optimise your site for people, not search engines. The engineers at Google work continuously in improving their ranking algorithm to filter the most relevant, user-friendly and popular sites to the top of the organic (free) listings. SEO companies may give you the science of SEO: optimal keyword density, header tags, links, anchor text etc and don’t get me wrong, those are important and are the foundations of search engine optimisation.  But it’s also important to remember your website is for people not search engine spiders.

This advice is most relevant when it comes to Blog’s.   Matt Cutts gives great but very simple advice: if you write great topical content, you will attract links and your site will rise up the ranks.  Sounds simple but how do you write great content?

Here is a summary from some respected Blog writer’s:

  • Don’t be too formal, keep it conversational, light and easy to read.
  • Put your personality in the blog. Not only will people recognise your tone and writing style but it’s easier to write regular content when you’re being yourself. Be yourself and be confident this is just as attractive in writing as it is in person.  And don’t be afraid of putting some emotion in your articles.
  • Use good photos. Very important to break up the text with something visually interesting.
  • Include links to relevant external content but not too many. Two to three per 250 words is about right.
  • Last but not least, keep your audience front of mind when writing. Think of who will read your article, what you want to tell them and why they will find it interesting.