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November 8, 2011
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January 4, 2012

SEO Goes Mobile

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It is predicted that by 2014 mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop Internet usage.  This means major strategy changes for SEO companies in the coming years.  If more people are using mobiles to search, it means that search strings will be shorter because you naturally type frugally, when not using a keyboard.  Predictive text and Google Suggest will also influence keywords as people on mobile devices naturally opt for the easy suggested words and commonly miss-spell search terms.

Search by image using Google Goggles enables people to search the web with a photo.  So if you find a product you like in a shop and want to know if it’s cheaper online simply take a photo of it on your mobile and search via Google Goggles.  Pictures of your products or services will need to be optimised for this type of search which will no doubt grow in popularity.

Mobiles are social.  Ninety one percent of mobile Internet access is to socialise, compared to 79% on desktops (still a very high % when you think about it).  Search is turning social and any SEO campaign without a Social Media Marketing campaign will be ineffective.

Mobiles are, well, mobile so the geo-targeting capabilities are fed into your Google search for finding local business listings.  Making sure your Google Places page is optimised and other local search features optimised is very important.

Mobile searches are also high conversion searches.  Data from the Travel Industry shows that 70% mobile hotel bookings were same-day check in.  If you think about it, if you’re going to search for something to buy from your mobile, it means you’re looking to buy immediately otherwise you’d wait until you were in front of a desktop where a more thorough search for products could be performed.

It’s still early days for the mobile web, but with 1.08 billion smartphones out there, it’s growing at an alarming rate and if the uptake of mobile hardware technology is anything to go by, it won’t be long before either you or your competitor will be playing mobile SEO catch-up.

The Growth of Mobile