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August 16, 2011
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Multiplatform Social Media Marketing

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Everyone agrees that Social Media has changed the marketing landscape but it would be far more accurate to say Social Media has completely revolutionised marketing.  Creative advertising agencies are genuinely surprised and amazed by new innovative ways brands are engaging with their audience.  Leading this change are young, smart, highly creative agencies that love the opportunities the internet has created for engaging with an audience.
The difference between these agencies and big name established advertising agencies is the new agency is one that starts new trends on the internet, the old agency is one that catches up with them.
Marketing used to be about cutting through with a message, now it’s all about thrilling and exciting a fan base, so they sell your brand to their friends via social media and you win that holy grail in advertising: “a trusted friend referral”.  Leading the marketing industries revolution are creative agencies involved in promoting film and television.  Building an audience prior to a premiere or TV show launch via multiplatform social media marketing is now far more important than posters, commercials and celebrity interviews.  An incredible case study is what creative agency Campfire did for medieval HBO series Game of Thrones.
The old way of marketing a new show like this would have been traditional outdoor advertising mixed with radio and TV spots.  Recently websites and facebook fan pages, tweets and online advertising have been thrown into the mix but Campfire took it to a whole other level by engaging with core “influencer” fans via their 5 senses.  Yes, that’s right they promoted the show using Sight, Smell, Taste, Feel and Sound via Social Media.  Confused?  This video explains all and is genuinely amazing: