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January 27, 2015
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June 30, 2015

Mobile Friendly Web Design is Now (Even More) Important!

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Sam Wood

Sam was Alpha Digital’s first employee and now spends his day managing the business. He currently works from our Sydney office for 3 weeks every month and when he’s not at work he’s probably playing or watching basketball. Get in touch if you’re in Sydney!

The News

Just last month, Google announced via Webmaster Tools that significant changes are afoot which will irrevocably transform what users are shown when they use their phones to search and surf the web.

The first major update, introduced on the 26th of February, involves Android App Indexing being employed in order to provide users with enhanced, personalised web search accessibility.

The second crucial aspect of this development takes effect on the 21st April and will result in mobile internet users more readily obtaining quality, optimised search results. Google’s decision to make ‘smartphone friendly’ web browsing feature more prominently in its ranking algorithm, will in turn produce a greater bias towards responsiveness that is compatible with each individual’s browsing patterns and preferences.


Over the past few years, many SEO and online marketing agencies have been promoting the growing role of mobile usability. Although this idea has been brewing for some time and many companies have gotten away with putting it on the backburner, in light of Google’s recent statements, it seems that this trend cannot be ignored any longer if corporations wish to remain competitive.

What’s the big deal?

Given that close to 30% of Australians choose to access the internet on their smartphones[1], it is essential for companies to engage with this forum; or if you are already using a mobile-friendly website then you may be looking to improve upon your current online strategy.[2]

These days, many people use their phones like they would a laptop as it is now becoming easier to gain instant access to information with the tap of an app. A number of us are increasingly using our handsets to research a company before buying a product or service, especially local business details, as well as checking out relevant reviews in order to assist with both online and offline purchase decisions.[3]


This phenomenon has not come as a surprise to many digital agencies, including Alpha Digital, as over three years ago we recognised that businesses needed to embrace this new market in order to remain current, or even better —stay ahead of the game and make it work to their advantage.

We were particularly excited to hear about this expansion as back in January of this year, we highlighted the fact that mobile user experience would be a key marketing trend of 2015! This shift towards the need for businesses to cultivate an online presence, as well as expanding the reach of existing web pages to hand-held devices in the form of responsive web design has been a long time coming and companies need to take action now that this prediction has finally come to a head.

We can help!


If you are unfamiliar with mobile optimised websites or your current website is not mobile responsive, it’s not too late to either convert your page or rebuild in a responsive platform—Alpha Digital is more than equipped to help you make this transition.

The importance of maintaining a mobile friendly website cannot be underestimated and as we noted in one of our previous blog posts, this year will see further emphasis on the mobile experience, especially in terms of content readability, usability and distribution.

Alpha Digital can ensure that you don’t get left behind. We can help maximise your online exposure by developing an effective, ethical SEO strategy through a strict white hat policy containing superior content that prides quality over quantity.

With our excellent track record of client satisfaction, we are capable of going the extra mile to produce lasting outcomes and we are confident that we can help you on your journey to reach a wider market and stay ahead of the curve.

Whatever the medium or unique business situation, Alpha Digital’s professional yet personable team can provide tailored advice and assistance through our full-service expertise in digital marketing.

Contact us today to find out how we can give your business the boost it needs to thrive in this ever-evolving online marketplace!




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