Manual Actions – A Case Study
May 21, 2014

Google keeps getting smarter

Alpha Digital
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The past 3 months have been very important for SEO, as we have never seen Google make so many sudden changes. Google had made 65 updates to its algorithm just In August and September last year; but today with the increase usage of social network sharing, mobile internet, local Seo as well as new technologies such as Google vocal search and Google now; there has been more than a 100 updates and changes between May and July 2013.

From the Penguin update who reviews in depth websites against keyword manipulation and backlinks, to the Panda update who pushes low quality sites to the bottom rank of the search engine, to the Phantom update who reviews in depth content on a website; this combined with new local search methods, new SEO guidelines and mobile internet; the past 3 months in the SEO industry has been a roller-coaster in which constant monitoring and strategy changes have been essential to provide a good and reliable SEO service.

This is exactly what we have been doing at Alpha Digital; we have been ready for all updates and tackled them accordingly. We are always making sure that we have the right information at the right time and we monitor all our websites every day to make sure we do not get negatively affected by any of Google’s sudden updates, but instead we do our best to benefit from them. We have always worked with a white hat SEO strategy (white hat is a term used when following Google guideline and not trying to cheat in Seo)  which can take more time to show results but in the long term run has  proven to be the right path. In the past years we have seen so many companies go from the top to very bottom of Google by not respecting Google guideline, and that is why we work hard to provide transparent and honest SEO.

With the new updates Alpha digital has outlined the important aspects of SEO in 2013:

  • The death of old, black-hat SEO web spam tactics
  • Longer, richer content is ranking better than shorter content
  • Social media marketing is imperative to a successful SEO campaign
  • Integrating multimedia within text-based content improves and enhances content rankings
  • Google authorship is playing a major role in search engine rankings and click-through rates

And these are the primary strategies that Alpha digital is implementing when doing SEO to all of his clients. Please feel free to contact us for more information.