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January 30, 2012
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February 22, 2012

Geographical Domain Names

Alpha Digital
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We’re working on a new product here at Alpha Digital and it focuses on the benefits of a Geographical Domain Name (GDN). What is a GDN?

It’s a web address or URL that includes location information like

These domain names have two excellent advantages over type domain names. Firstly, unless you’re a big name brand like Coca Cola or Microsoft with huge marketing budgets there’s a good chance new customers don’t know about you. In fact if they are searching for a product or service (not a brand name) in Google, it’s more than likely they don’t know or have any loyalty to a particular company that provides their desired product or service. Think of someone in Brisbane who has decided they want plastic surgery, they probably don’t want to ask friends on Facebook who can recommend a plastic surgeon, so they go to Google to find one. Let’s say they type in “brisbane plastic surgeon” the first organic link is Other plastic surgeons who use their personal name or company name are further down the page. That top spot in Google is Gold and generates approximately 35% of clicks, position 2 17.5% and number 3 12.5% all the way down to position 10 which gets less than 1%. So you don’t have to be a mathematician to see how important that top spot is.

Secondly, they are simply easy to remember. is much easier than

Now that’s not to say a GDN alone will get you to the top of Google, as there are over 200 factors that are incorporated into Google’s ever changing algorithm but a GDN is a big help. So much so that assigning geographic relevance to web pages is considered by SEO expert Bill Slawski to be one if the 10 most important SEO patents. In his article last week he discusses in depth, how geographical information is relevant in a variety of ways for SEO.

Also, I should point out that a GDN doesn’t need to replace your website, you can simply, easily and inexpensively run them both and link to each other (also good for SEO).

On the subject, including geographically relevant information like Alpha Digital is an SEO Company in Paddington Brisbane in your blog is also important. At Alpha Digital we not only research the latest SEO findings on a daily basis but conduct our own tests and analysis.  In the highly competitive world of SEO keywords we continue to outperform competitors who have been in the game far longer than us.

To find out how we can help improve your site’s performance in the search engines feel free to Contact Us at any time. And keep an eye out for our new GDN’s soon to launch but remember only one company can use a GDN, so first come first served…