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January 21, 2015
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March 25, 2015

Digital Marketing Trends – the 2015 edition

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Flat design stylish vector illustration megaphone with cloud of colorful application icons on media theme. Digital marketing concept. Isolated on stylish turquoise background

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Flat design stylish vector illustration megaphone with cloud of colorful application icons on media theme. Digital marketing concept. Isolated on stylish turquoise background

The year has well and truly begun, and there are already countless marketing rumours, projections and insights circulating the web. We have done our fair share of reading and brainstorming and come up with a list of trends that we expect to dominate throughout 2015 (and beyond). From content marketing to mobile friendly websites, this post covers the emerging trends that need to be incorporated in the digital marketing strategy in order to lead your business to a successful year.

Mobile first, then mobile friendly!

2014 was the first year that Internet-wide mobile traffic exceeded that of desktop. Although many websites across all industries have a responsive website, many of those present usability issues that make the mobile versions clunky and difficult to use.

2015 will see further emphasis on the mobile experience, especially in terms of content readability, usability and distribution. With Google focusing on mobile user experience more than ever, we believe web design agencies and digital marketing companies will shift towards a “mobile-first” approach.

Content is (still) king!

Educating customers will become a primary focus for many businesses in 2015. Businesses and brands are starting to realise that SEO & content marketing are a match made in heaven. Successful content strategies will become as important as ever as businesses begin to recognise the positive impact of creative and insightful content.

Additionally, as Google continues to humanise its search engine and place further emphasis on user experience, low quality content will further damage SEO performance.

Understanding the customer’s journey

2015 will introduce a shift towards multi-channel marketing with a major focus on tracking a user’s journey. Reaching your target market at different stages of their shopping journey through multiple channels will become vital for eCommerce success. Integrated marketing strategies such as session based tracking and remarketing across channels such as mobile, desktop, email, social and even traditional channels will become key in 2015.

With easier and more detailed interaction between advertising tools and analytics software, 2015 will allow marketers to gain a better insight into how customers are interacting with their business before converting.

Tweets will become SEO optimised

With Twitter’s search engine overhaul, tweet creation will become a new challenge for marketers. Twitter is driving towards one of its original company goals of allowing users to search through every tweet ever published. Similar to some digital marketing strategies, including appropriate keywords in tweets alongside suitable hashtags and images will all become part of a new strategy towards ranking highly in Twitter search.

The trends described in this article have emerged towards the end of 2014 and we are expecting that they will be taking full flight in 2015. Staying in sync with growing trends will be essential in maintaining up to date marketing strategies and we will make sure to keep our hand on the pulse – and share our insights!

What marketing trends do you believe will lead the way in 2015?