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Christmas SEO: Santa Claus and the Link Builder

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If you’re an organised SEO professional, you’ll know that the holiday season is fast approaching and it’s time to start strategising. According to the Australian Retailers Association, consumers spent on average $2500 in the six weeks leading up to Christmas in 2014. In addition to this, a weak Australia dollar is bad news for overseas bargain hunters. Considering 85% of Australians now research prices online, Alpha Digital’s aim is to leverage this high spending in the weeks leading up to Christmas for our Australian clients.

Whether you’re an Ecommerce retailer or a small service business, leveraging seasonal traffic is just as important, although your strategy may rely on different tactics. Before we get into examples we need to first define what our SEO success will look like:

1. Increasing diversity of linking domains
2. Directing seasonal organic traffic to your website
3. Successful outreach to amplify your content

Creating your campaign

The best place to start in developing your seasonal SEO campaign is by looking at previous data through a year on year Google Analytics comparison.

The next step is to perform keyword research using Keyword Planner. A useful formula for developing this could be “seasonal word” + product/service + city/country. Google Trends should also be analysed to identify any foreseeable complications in your strategy and to identify the period where your business wants the most exposure.

If the strategy is content-focused, we want to publish our content 2-3 months in advance to safeguard against any indexing lag by Google. Lastly, don’t delete your pages once the season is over! These will still be important (if not more) for next season.

Ecommerce business example

Brisbane City Blooms is an Ecommerce retailer of flower bouquets and various gifts for special occasions. To start our campaign, we’ll first dive into previous holiday data in Google Analytics, providing a comparison of organic traffic from 2013 and 2014 in the months of December and January. In particular, the Christmas-related queries people used to arrive on their website.


Identifying all previous ‘Christmas’ search terms from Analytics, we can form a hit list: Brisbane on Christmas day flowers, Christmas day flower delivery Brisbane, Christmas flowers Brisbane, Christmas hamper Brisbane same day, Christmas hampers Brisbane free delivery. Using Keyword Planner we can create a more thorough list to leverage:


Google Trends will identify the period in which we need most exposure.

flower and gift trends

Now that we have an idea of the terms we will target and the exact period we need maximum exposure, we need to brainstorm creative ideas to direct traffic to a particular landing page. Here’s an example:


1. Customised logo
2. Holiday gift banner – linking to targeted landing page
3. Special offer for visitors – psychologically people are more likely to act when given a deadline
4. Couldn’t resist…
5. Spreading the Christmas cheer with a red and green theme

Once we’ve brought attention and directed our traffic we need to optimise the landing page. Thankfully, BCB already has a ‘Christmas Flower’ landing page, which we need to leverage.


We now need to:

  • Add 300-350 words of optimised copy incorporating 3-4 keywords from our research
  • Display only the first 40 words of the copy, using a ‘read more’ link hiding the remainder of the text. This strategy will ensure visitors can still see the first line of products once they’ve landed
  • Create internal linking through keywords to our page
  • Contact partners in the industry to link to your new landing page or guest post on Australia Christmas blogs

Service business example

Corella Construction provides a range of construction and building renovation services to clients throughout Brisbane. Being a services business, the aim is to increase qualified traffic to receive enquires through the website form. Here’s a similar comparison of Analytics data:


Previous data identified that December is historically a quiet period, whereas these losses are mitigated through an increase over January. We therefore want maximum exposure at the beginning of 2016 and want our content indexed by Google beforehand.  Google trends can also confirm this:


Our strategy will be primarily content focused for Corella Construction. Given the website has a blog, we will work closely with our client to publish an article at the beginning of December focused on Queenslander renovations. Again, quality link building efforts will be actioned throughout the New Year to maintain our visibility.

Depending on the time you’re reading this and how long your lead up is, there may not be enough time for this to take full effect. Although there are alternative such as Adwords that can bring the season home this year and groundwork SEO to ensure a bumper season next year.