Web Developer

The newest addition to Alpha Digital working as a web developer. Fred has been engrossed in the web development world for over 7 years and loves to work on websites, he eats code for breakfast and dreams of CSS at night. With his free time he enjoys taking care of his baby and walking his dogs. On weekends he like to watch a good movie or play on his RPG games.

Contact Details
Office Phone: +61 7 3040 9988

Areas of Expertise
Wordpress Development
Web Development

Industry experience
7+ years of web development

Industries (clients)
eCommerce, Education, Healthcare, Advertising, and many more

Interesting info
Favourite TV/Movies show: Almost anything, ask me and 90% of the time I will know it Favourite Game: Most RPG games (Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Monster Hunter) Hobby: Anything that doesn’t require him to sweat



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