Reach new audiences like never before through real time bidding!

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic removes the need for real-time bidding by allowing you to purchase ad impressions in advance. This eliminates some of the more menial work from your advertising, allowing you to focus on the important things.We can work with creative you supply, or provide it ourselves, depending on your specific goals and campaign requirements. Alpha Digital is committed to transparency so that you can always see your ROI and where every cent is spent.

Remarketing is a terrific way to reach out to customers who have found your website, expressed an interest in your products – perhaps even loaded up their cart – but left without completing a purchase. With timely targeted remarketing, you can engage with these customers while their interest in your offering and promotions is still at its highest.

Not only is remarketing incredibly powerful when combined with other paid strategies, it is also inexpensive and easy to set up, resulting in a high ROI.
Video Advertising

Video advertising utilises short, engaging videos to reach high volumes of users in your target audience.

Today, more and more advertisers are moving their budget away from traditional television advertising and into the digital space. As well as being a hugely engaging form of advertising, video is also useful in collecting first-party data and educating audiences. It allows us to reach users across the entire customer life cycle, and identify those who are most engaged before targeting them with complementary forms of advertising.

Alpha Digital has access to a massive inventory of video spots across a range of platforms (including YouTube, 9now, Plus7, and Tenplay), which allows our clients to reach a huge portion of the Australian online audience, as well as providing the option to run international campaigns.

Using Alpha Digital’s expertise, a video advertising campaign maximises your business’ visibility in a targeted, highly engaging environment.





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