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We’ve been contacted by a number of people (including some of our own clients) to let us know that a close variant of our business name, “Alpha Digital PTY LTD”, is being used in a spam email. Just to be crystal clear, this is not us.

Whilst this is flattering it also raises issues for us around potential reputation damage.

In pretty much 100% of cases, if you receive an email out of the blue offering you “SEO/AdWords/Web Design” services, it’s a scam. We’ve included a few hints to detect scam emails below:

  • Completely unsolicited
  • Generic greeting (they don’t include your name)
  • No phone number, or an international phone number
  • No website
  • From a free email provider (e.g. Gmail)

Do not reply to these emails. This just tells the automated bot on the other end that one of the thousands of email addresses they spammed is active. This will make you a target. Just mark as spam and delete it.

We’ve included some of the examples of spammers pretending to be us below. Just to reiterate, this is not us.

Hi, I am an Online Strategist. I’ve been tracking the success of your website while doing some research on your industry.
I’m impressed with your company, but there are some real opportunities for growth that you currently are missing. Are you interested in several proven strategies to use content and social media to drive relevant traffic to your site?

In 10 minutes I can show you how to fuel your brand and generate more revenue from search engines and social networks. Would you be interested in receiving some more details on the prospect at absolutely no-charge-associated. I’d like to follow up about this with a quick phone call. Can I call you this week to discuss your campaign?
Thank you Best regards,


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If you do want to chat about your digital marketing though, please give us a call! If you’ve received a spam email from ‘Alpha Digital PTY LTD’ we’d love to see it!


We’re pretty proud of the businesses we’re lucky enough to call ‘our happy clients’. This is what some of our Brisbane SEO clients think of the work we’ve done for them.

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