Alpha's Global Network & Exchange Service (AGNES) allows for cost-effective, high-impact programmatic media buying

Immersive & Dynamic Prospecting

Dynamic prospecting is all about finding new, in-market users who have never been to your website. By finding prospective customers and delivering ads containing the right product, in the right place, and at the right time, we can achieve this by using dynamic display creative for prospecting.

Dynamic prospecting display ads intelligently customise the ad that each user sees. Whether it's a sportswear ad showing the new supporter's jersey for the user's favourite team, or a hotel ad with real-time availability & pricing, dynamic prospecting ads boost campaign performance by showing content that's actually relevant to users.
Efficient Remarketing

Display remarketing shows ads to people who've already visited your website or used your mobile app. If somebody leaves your website without converting, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices. If somebody does convert on your website, display remarketing can be used to show them complementary products or services — if somebody buys a coffee machine from your site, for example, you can remarket to them with ads for coffee pods, descaling fluid, or other accessories.

A good remarketing campaign will remind users about their experience with your brand. A great remarketing campaign will strengthen that brand experience and draw those ‘lost’ users back to your site. To achieve great results, we utilise both dynamic and static ads to deliver a combination of personalised messaging and promotions.

Remarketing works the best when it is used with other advertising strategies by re-engaging audiences that may have become distracted or otherwise disengaged.
Performance Video Advertising

Video advertising utilises short, engaging videos to reach your existing and potential customers at scale.

Apart from being a hugely engaging form of advertising, video is also useful in collecting first-party data, and educating audiences. It works well across all stages of the customer life cycle, and can be used to identify those who are most engaged before targeting them with complementary forms of advertising.

Using AGNES, Alpha Digital has access to a massive inventory of video spots across a range of platforms like YouTube, Plus7, 9now, and Tenplay — allowing our clients to reach a huge portion of the Australian online audience. .
Performance Native Advertising

A native ad is a piece of sponsored content that looks and feels like an organic part of the website that a user is browsing. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, content marketing is becoming more important than ever before.

Allowing you to build relationships and deliver value to your audiences, native advertising gives your brand a powerful tool that enables them you scale and refine your reach to meet consumers in the digital space.

Advertorials and promoted content have been around since the printing press: native advertising through AGNES simply adapts those proven tactics for the digital landscape.





Programmatic is one of the newer technologies in the online marketing space - we've answered a few commonly asked questions below to give you a head start.

What is programmatic advertising?
Programmatic advertising takes advantage of real time software to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process that involves RFPs, human negotiations and manual insertion orders. It is essentially the stock exchange of digital advertising.
Wat is RTB?
Real time bidding (RTB) is the purchase of digital advertising space in real time. During this process, algorithms and software automate the purchase, placement, and optimisation based on your brief.
what is DoubleClick?
DoubleClick is an integrated set of tools created by Google for agencies and advertisers to create and manage digital marketing campaigns.
What is the minimum cost of programmatic?
$5,000 per campaign.
What is an ad exchange?
An ad exchange is a virtual marketplace allowing advertisers (us) and publishers (websites) to buy and sell advertising space in real time.
What is the difference between retargeting and remarketing?
Remarketing - when you market your products to a person who has already seen your products - you are re-promoting your brand. Retargeting - when you change your strategy and target a different audience.
How much is retargeting?
There are no minimum cost to for retargeting, however we recommend a minimum of $2000 per month to allow enough data for optimisation.


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