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Test carried out by: Brodie Clark, SEO Account Manager at Alpha Digital


Not mentioning pricing forces users to explore and develop their own judgement of value. Additionally, users are more likely to read shorter headlines. The combined effects resulting in improved engagement.  


The control had the following issues:

The headline incorporated 8 words, which is longer than the recommended headline length.

The headline labelled minimum product pricing at $2550. Although this eliminates those who aren’t able to afford the product, it may turn off visitors who didn’t take the time to develop their own judgement of value. We want to write headlines for the 20-35% of traffic that is most likely to be happy with the product.

The control’s headline looked messy and disjointed. The use of ‘Cantilever/Sidepost’ and ‘GST Inc.’ make the flow of text more of an effort to absorb, giving users more reason not to read on.

The variation offered greater value, in the following ways:

The new headline used 3 words, which dramatically increased the likelihood of the text being read in it’s entirety by visitors.

The headline used ‘Luxury’ as an alternative to ‘$2250’, achieving the same goal of eliminating those who may not be able to afford the product, with far greater subtlety. Those who are still interested will be more motivated to explore options.

The headline uses keywords ‘Luxury Outdoor Umbrellas’ in larger font, making it effortless for the visitor to read and reducing noise to make the primary calls-to-action more visible below.


Engagement on the home page increased by 20.6% at a confidence level of 98%. Heatmap data also revealed that users scrolled considerably further down the home page when exposed to the variation.

Key Takeaways

Make sure your headlines are short, concise, and communicate the most important information.

Use persuasive adjectives to communicate product value instead of resorting to product pricing (for lead generation websites).