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The truth about social media and your small business

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Everyday someone is talking about social media; “If you are a small business you must have social media!”, “Social media costs too much money for small businesses”, “Did you see that cat video on Facebook?” But as the business world moves towards digital supremacy, what will this mean for you and your business, and is social media that important?

Personally, I was in the same boat as most of you regarding social media, regularly saying, “I don’t have the time or money to focus on social media, and it does nothing to my bottom line.” Does this sound familiar? It should, as these three key areas of time, money and inflated expectations has led many small business owners into thinking social media is not important. And to be frank, there are high quality arguments to back this up.

Lack of Time
Especially in small businesses, there is always something to do, someone to contact, and unfortunately not enough coffee to stay awake 24/7. Without the instant gratification of social media efforts, especially with everyone after the holy grail of “virality”, social media is always put on the backburner behind all other tasks. In addition to this, you also have the task of choosing between the hundreds of possible social media platforms out there…

Lack of Money
This goes hand in hand with the lack of time. Many small business owners are peer pressured into social media from all the hype, but as they don’t have the time, they decide to outsource. However, this costs money. So, do you spend the time, spend the money, or just let it sit…

Inflated Expectations
This is the key element that is under all excuses against social media, the expectation that conducting one post will generate instant revenue, or “I don’t make money from Facebook, so why should I do it.”

Are these sounding familiar? Well for me, and many other small businesses, it does. It wasn’t until I stepped back from the vortex of Facebook, Twitter and the other platforms and started to really think about the digital marketing environment. These are the most important findings I found:

  • Every business now has an online presence. Whether on purpose through their websites, or unknowingly through business reviews and online directories, every business has some form of communication between themselves and their possible customers online.

  • Google is the puppet master between customers and business. Of all the competitors in your industry, of all the possible customers, Google is the controller of the strings. How? Well as search becomes more and more important to all consumers, Google pretty much has almost total control over whether your customers will find your business or not on Australian Search Engines.

  • Google loves social media. Even though you might not like social media, unfortunately the puppet master does. The reasoning is because as more and more content is developed in the digital world, Google is always after quality, which is leveraged off these platforms.

With these new insights I brought it back to what it means to the average small business owner. Firstly, with the fact that your business will be online, regardless of the extent, don’t you think you should maximise its ability to bring you more customers, and more money? Secondly, if Google is responsible for bringing in new customers, and their wallets, don’t you think it’s best to be super friendly with Google? Finally, to become best friends with Google, you have to start becoming more comfortable with social media. This does not mean you must post something every minute on every platform. This is both unrealistic and counter productive. In the future we will discuss the best strategy of your social media chooses.

So the truth about social media and your business is that social media is another marketing tool. It gives you the opportunity to differentiate your company from your competitors, it gives you the opportunity to truly offer value to your customers, and it gives you the connection with the best friend everyone is after, Google. So, yes it does take time, and yes it does not always generate instant revenue, but there are strategies we will show you to leverage and gain the greatest opportunity from your new and profound vision on social media.

Happy posting!