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October 9, 2017
Things We Slacked This Week Banner
Things we Slacked this Week #25
October 20, 2017

Things we Slacked this Week #24

Things We Slacked This Week Banner
Alpha Digital
Our values are at the core of our business and drive us every day. We love working with clients and partners with similar philosophies!

1. We fan-girled over the new Star Wars trailer


2. Our Social Media Specialist position is still available – apply now!

“Join our team of talented marketers and our 5 office dogs” – Link to position

3. We still can’t get over this cute doggo that we met at our team workshop

We can all agree that the highlight was this dog”

4. This podcast series that will inspire you to build your successful career in data science

“Exponential trends of data science…”  Link to podcast

5. 20 images in 20 seconds on “Finding purpose through travel. service and photography”

6. Gif of the week