Things we Slacked this Week #8
June 9, 2017
Things we Slacked this Week #10
June 26, 2017

Things we Slacked this Week #9

Alpha Digital
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1. We got some beacons that allow us to send push notifications to your mobile

“Welcome to the contextual computing era!”

2. An interesting article about Amazon

“Well, isn’t that ironic” – Link to article 

3. This relatable cartoon


4. Instagram and it’s new sponsored post feature

“In the move to bring more transparency to commercial relationships on Instagram” Link to article 

5. The boys spent a day on the green

“Do you even golf?”

6. Network 10 in voluntary administration

“HUGE” Link to article 

7. Getting down to this old hit

“This should be a 2017 anthem.”

8. Gif of the week