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SEO Google Bombing

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According to an admission this week by American Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, one of his recent speeches was completely wrong; and Google’s SEO algorithm agrees.

Earlier this week, news services began picking up on the fact that performing a Google image search using the keyword ‘completely wrong’ would return pages full of Mitt Romney. Despite initial thoughts that this may have been the result of a Google bomb, it now appears that it is simply a natural phenomenon picked up by Google’s search algorithm, and is easily explained through basic SEO principles.

All of these images are contained in articles referencing Romney’s speech word-by-word; including the phrase ‘completely wrong’. Once these results started appearing, reputable news websites such as CNN and ABC started picking up on the faux Google bomb. This just made it worse for Romney, with high-quality websites linking his images with ‘completely wrong’. The more popular the story got, and the more clicks on images of Romney for the search ‘complete wrong’, the stronger the link between the two became in Google’s eyes. Despite this being a natural SEO occurrence, the concept of a Google bomb has shown the world that Search Engine Optimisation can be intentionally manipulated to link two very different ideas.

110921062207-rick-santorum-google-story-topOver the last few years, American Republican politician Rick Santorum has been the victim of a graphic, offensive and amusing (in this author’s opinion) Google bomb. A website was created linking his last name with a decidedly unappealing definition (you will have to find out what yourself), and links were spread far and wide in a protest against his anti-gay stance. Through this very basic Search Engine Optimisation (and wide-spread online disagreement with Santorum’s opinions), this definition became one of the top results for the term ‘santorum’ in Google; at one stage even ahead of Santorum’s official website.

Despite these politicians suffering at the hands of some basic SEO, both natural and ‘bombed’, Search Engine Optimisation should be embraced by all businesses. Alpha Digital is the SEO Brisbane specialist, and knows that businesses can learn valuable lessons from these stories, which is why we keep abreast of the latest Search Engine Optimisation news (and amusing stories).

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