July 22, 2012

Social Media campaign backfires for Shell: Hoax

Shell suffered a Social Media hoax from Greenpeace activists …. Green campaigners tricked everyone into thinking Shell was trying to emulate the success of Social Media sites like Reddit, by creating a Meme generator for it’s nature and landscape photography. The idea sounded believable, put up some beautiful photos of the arctic and invite people to write the tagline. Then the ad creators could share their ad creation with friends and vote up the ad they like best. The big incentive was the chance to see your ad creation turned into a Billboard

Then make the website look like it’s been hijacked and watch it get shared around the world…. See below:


Shell1The rest of the images can be seen here

Whilst this may be a hoax, Social Media Marketing does require careful planning and thought, recently when WalMart offered a Social Media Marketing campaign to have Pit Bull appear at the Wal Mart which got the most likes. Suddenly the most remote Wal Mart in America – Kodiak, Alaska recieved 63,000 likes which is more than 10 times the population!

If the big players with the massive marketing budgets can make mistakes like this, then there is still so much to learn when it comes to Social Media.

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