May 25, 2016

First Impressions – Month One at Alpha Digital

Initially I wasn’t intending on taking the job, let alone planning to work in the industry again. When Sam reached out to me to see if I wanted to come in for an interview at Alpha Digital my initial thought was, “Absolutely not.” I had met Sam once at a networking event about a year earlier when I was working for another Digital Marketing Agency. I was uninterested in the opportunity at first, but as I had no full time work I couldn’t really turn down the interview.

Coming in for an interview was one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far.


I am now a Search Engine Marketing Manager and have received so much training and support within my first month here. I am genuinely overwhelmed with how much I now know and how much I am already contributing to the team.

For me personally I need a stimulating role, one that can give you satisfaction in the work itself and the culture you work in. For me the litmus test for a good work life comes down to two questions I ask myself:

  • Would I have a beer with my colleagues?
  • Do I not hate coming into work on a Monday?

I have experienced 2 long weekends in my first month, so there isn’t statistical significance to say I don’t hate Mondays yet, But there is enough data to suggest I would and have had beers with my colleagues.

The difference for me is professional respect. Everyone has different skill sets and the team is willing to help out, share knowledge and genuinely wants to see each other learn and grow as we grow as a business.

It reminds me of the Brisbane Broncos defensive line. They are strong as a unit because they show up for each other time and time again. No one drags the chain and all of the team is working towards a common goal. Speaking of the Broncos, I will now segue into a Wayne Bennett quote that I badly wanted to get in here so I forced the above comparison but none the less:

“A winner feels responsible for more than his job. A loser says: ‘I only work here.’” – Wayne Bennett

I came into the role not wanting this to just be a paycheck. It’s more than just a job. The high quality work that comes out this humble agency day in day out can be attributed to respecting each other and striving to be the best. And with the support I am currently receiving I am looking forward to operating at the same standard in no time at all.

If you are looking for a fresh start or to advance your career, I would highly recommend Alpha Digital as a first port of call. First impressions are everything – and I’m glad we impressed each other.

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