April 21, 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Social Media Campaign

Body builder turned Actor turned Politician Arnold Schwarzenegger has a very active and smart social media campaign currently in process. His tagline across facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is “I love hearing from my fans” and right now he is calling on his fans to send in photos for the back cover of his autobiography. Quite a brilliant strategy that has ignited engagement and elicited tons of photo suggestions including some creative ones, such as:

Arnie Social Media

This is an exceedingly clever social media campaign because it encourages fans to be a part of Arnold’s story and even if you are not interested in suggesting a photo, fans of Arnold love seeing his photos. Unlike comments on a status update, which are only sometimes interesting and usually a mixed bag of smart and not so smart comments that you quickly grow tired of reading, viewing photos keeps your attention. Photos are far more engaging and the secret to Pinterest’s astronomical social media growth.

What’s smart with this campaign is Arnold has effectively turned facebook and Twitter into Pinterest. From a marketing perspective it’s  brilliant as every photo comes with a comment about his new book, so every fan on all his social media channels are becoming very aware, very quickly, about his soon to be released autobiography.

A stroke of social media genius.

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