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March 25, 2015
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June 30, 2015

Mother’s Day Success – 360 Strategy

Chloe Cipra
Our Head of SEO and Social is French by birth and ‘Australianised’ since 2012. After completing her Master’s degree in Law, she fell in love with Australia and decided to go back to university to study a Master’s of Business majoring in Marketing at the University of Queensland. She started at Alpha Digital in 2014, went back to France for a few months but couldn’t bare being so far away from her team (see evidence here) and finally came back to us (and sunny Brisbane).

Mother’s Day is one of the most important periods of the year for florists, so when our client asked us to run a 360 digital marketing campaign for them on that occasion, we knew the pressure was on!

Here is how we achieved a 40% increase on their ecommerce revenue year on year.


Content Strategy – Baseline branding document

  • As with any content marketing campaign, we start by designing a content strategy: this determines the brand’s voice and tone, content topics and suitable vocabulary based on an audit of the target market and a benchmark of the competitors.
  • This is a holistic approach analysing all points of contact between the brand and its target audience: website, blog, social media, emails, paid ads.

Targeted Email Campaigns – 30% of total revenue was generated via email marketing


  • Targeted campaigns with strategic messages based on emotional and transactional stimuli


  • Custom audience segments targeting specific users to maximise potential
  • Precisely scheduled email campaigns to reach users at the best possible time during the day


  • Revenue from email increased by 178%
  • Number of transactions increased by 223%
  • Average order value increased by 3.5%
  • High engagement metrics: 13% conversion rate and 15% open rate
  • 903% Return on Investment

Engaging Social Media Campaigns – Generating word of mouth and brand awareness 

Video campaign

    • 45 seconds video shot and edited in house
    • GoPro style video showing mums receiving flower bouquets for Mother’s Day
    • Emotional based message targeting specific audience “What are you getting your mum?”
    • Video shared on social media and via email campaigns

Competition “Mum made me”

  • The idea: Win a $200 bouquet by sharing a photo on social media and telling what your mum passed on to you – e.g. “Mum made me strong”
  • The objective: Generating brand awareness and foster engagement on primary social media for the client (Instagram and Facebook), as well as grow an audience on new platforms (Twitter and Pinterest)


Content Marketing

  • Sharing relevant content and driving traffic to the website to generate brand awareness and build trust with users



  • Increase in likes, post reach, and engagement
  • Ecommerce conversion rate 3.85%


If you’d like the team at Alpha Digital to create a 360 Digital Marketing campaign for your business, get in touch today and we can talk about the best digital strategies to help you grow!