February 16, 2018

Things we Slacked this Week #39

1. These really cool T-shirts that we are considering to be the new office shirt (not officially) YESSS – Link to shirts 2. This app to […]
February 9, 2018

Things we Slacked this Week #38

1. WE HAVE NEW PUPPIES IN THE OFFICE Introducing Mia Coates   Scout Coates and Rocket Roque! 2. This special edition of DOGUE feat. Crumpet!   […]
February 9, 2018
sam and matt outside alpha digital

Alpha Digital Gives Back Pt2

Here at Alpha Digital we constantly refer to our ‘values’ and live by them in our everyday activities. One of our values is to be ‘Helpful’ […]
February 2, 2018

Love at first site – Making users fall in love with your landing page

Studies have shown that it takes users one twentieth of a second to form an opinion of a website. And that a phenomenon called the ‘halo […]
February 2, 2018

Things we Slacked this Week #37

1. This article that we totally support This is very serious. Can we please organise this?  Link to article   2. This awesome Shaggy impression 3. […]
January 25, 2018

Things we Slacked this Week #36

1. This Lynx ad 2. This scary pupper 3. This article highlighting the importance of page speed for mobile search ranking Link to article 4. The […]
January 12, 2018

Things we Slacked this Week #35

1. This awesome GoT themed hotel “I need to stay here 😍”  Link to hotel    2. This menu item Bad Italian accent Spagheitti – Pronounced “spag […]
December 21, 2017

Things we Slacked this Week #34

1. Crumpet is the bestest boy “Golden boi”  2. This year in search 🔍🔍🔍 Link to article  3. This dog-themed Christmas meme “doxies borking is too real”  […]
December 15, 2017

What to look out for in Paid Search in 2018?

Head of Paid search — Chris Lockwood — outlined the biggest things happening to paid search in 2018 at our client Christmas party, so we’ve taken […]