September 29, 2011

The importance of regular SEO Audits

Search Engine Optimisation is dynamic and website owners should be careful not to make the mistake of thinking that a little bit of SEO work here and there, is an effective strategy.  It’s not.  Getting to the top of Google is like a never ending rally car race over constantly changing terrain.  If you slow down, your competitors will pass you, if you don’t pay attention to the signposts you’ll run of course. Think of your SEO company like a co-driver/mechanical engineer, who not only keeps your vehicle performing at its peak but also navigates the fastest way to the next checkpoint.  An SEO audit  is like performing a vehicle service and getting the maps for the next stage.

For example, earlier this year, Google released an algorithm update called Panda 2.2 and it changed the way websites were ranked in Google.  Search Engine Companies around the world immediately went into analysis mode to discover what had changed and to ‘tune’ their clients websites for better performance.  Suddenly the course map had changed and the vehicle had to change accordingly, like moving from loose gravel mountain terrain to sealed bitumen roads the Panda 2.2 release meant a change of tactics.   Suddenly it was discovered that keyword domains didn’t carry as much weight as they used to, meta data wasn’t as worthless as previously thought, lots of content with high keyword density is no longer an effective strategy, no-follow links are important etc.  These discoveries are about as important as changing the tyres, suspension, brakes, steering, fuel load and aerodynamics of your rally car to make it grip and hold around a tight street stage versus a gravel track.

So what course is your website setup to run? Are you in the race or heading in the wrong direction?  Without an SEO expert advising the mechanics and driver, your website will lose it’s race to the top of Google.

Audit your site today and find out where you’re currently standing.

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