April 4, 2012

SEO, SEM, Facebook Search and YouTube nets little kids $500K

There’s been a lot happening since my last post so here’s the summary:

  • Google found guilty of deceptive conduct
    The ACCC won a landmark case against Google for “misleading or deceptive conduct” because of instances where a company was advertising on another brands keyword for example: STA Travel having “Harvey World Travel” in their ad headline. Google said it was disappointed by the Australian Court’s decision.
  • Google’s March Updates
    Anchor text, Image search and Navigational queries were all changed in March in an effort to improve SEO. While there are hundreds of factors involved in SEO and the Algorithm is constantly evolving, the advice in a nutshell remains the same “make a user friendly, relevant website that serves great content to the visitor”. Check out this interesting video showing the Google Gods discussing an Algorithm change.
  •   For Social Media Marketing, SEO is more popular with advertisers
    In a survey of over 3,800 social media marketing agencies around the globe SEO is considered on average twice as important thank SEM (AdWords or PPC) and around 70% said they’re planning to increase their SEO efforts.
  • Facebook and Google+
    It’s no surprise that Facebook is still the most popular social networking site and Google+ is way behind at 6th. Facebook users are far more highly engaged than Google+ users at the moment but G+ is working to change that. But there is also speculation that Facebook is working to improve it’s search functionality to make Facebook a one stop shop online.
  • Funny baby video earns family $500,000
    The mega popular “Charlie bit my finger” baby video is approaching 450Mill views making it the second most watched video ever and has made the family over $500,000 in advertising revenue.

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